Heal With Me!!

Music is one of the best medicines & my debut album, Divinely Connected is no exception!! Enjoy this sacred space TRIBE, it’s all for you.


Noko’s debut album, produced by CEO Allen Pough is filled to the brim w/ music that carries a message. Her clever lyricism & sweet voice paired over Al’s high vibration beats makes for a psychedelic fusion of hip hop & soul.

Her songs touch on everything from self-empowerment to spirituality. With a subject matter so in step with the times, she inspires to inspire others to lead with positivity & truth.

Noko Approved Treasures


Big Hoops Custom Designed For You By Noko

Debut Album

Divinely Connected – Debut Album – Produced by CEO Allen Pough

Weep for Willow Band

A light blue bracelet in honor of Sweet Angel Baby Willow

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