“Music is more than just my passion, it’s my life’s purpose!! <3”

Noko on Music

“Duty calls, I’m on a mission.”

Noko – The Underdog

“Self-Care is Healthcare.”

Noko on Health

Noko’s Story

“Rhymes, Mics, & Beats”, she doesn’t need much more to lace any track and get her message out. Most hip-hop artists have a style, look, and brand that meets the status quo on the most basic level. She changes the status quo in all areas, especially talent, writing, and delivery. Noko is the real deal.

Nokomis is an Atlanta transplant from the New England area. Even though her passion growing up was fashion, her family was highly engaged in music. Her Mother a singer and Father a drummer. She played multiple instruments throughout her youth. “Music was always around me growing up; it was instilled in me from an early age. In fact, I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing from the first day I stepped on stage. Rapping was my outlet for expression.”

What is her angle? What makes her different? She is a hip-hop activist. Behind her soul infused music is a serious message in her lyrics focused on health freedom & TRUTH. Her sound can be described as hip hop soul and industrial fusion that’s heavily influenced by Classic Rock & Reggae. She currently lives in Atlanta with her family. While working on several projects, including her album & a new music video, she is keeping a schedule of performance dates at concert venues and small lounge open mics. She is currently looking to collaborate with producers on and offline as she works on her upcoming album project. Please join Tribe Noko on Twitter @Nokomis7, Inst: @nokomis77, and on FB http://www.facebook.com/Nokomis7.


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