Welcome to our sacred space TRIBE!! We’ve got a large selection of crystals, jewelry & other spiritual tools available. We put lots of love, positive intentions & care into each item in our shop. Our goal is to empower others on their journeys to utilize the natural magic that is already around them & inside of them. Mother Earth provides lots of medicines & tools, stones are certainly one of my favorites. We are all healers, when we tap into that energy & when we allow ourselves to be.

We want this to be a personal & intuitive experience when you support our business so we offer phone &/or live video chat consultations as a VIP add-on. We also offer live crystal parties in person &/or remotely. These can include guided meditations, sound healing, crystal healing sessions, healthy nourishment. We will cater to you & your guests needs. Please check out just a small sample of our current babies & let us know if any of them are calling to you.

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